About the Club

The Jersey Jugglers club was founded in 1992 by Peter Bradley and other New Jersey jugglers to create a place for juggling enthusiasts to meet, share their passion and have fun. The mission is to share the fun and benefits of juggling and other circus arts with people in NJ. 

The news of the club spread by word of mouth and later via the internet and newspaper articles. The Parsippany BOE has graciously allowed the club to use a local elementary school gym for our meetings.  

Members include  mostly amateur hobbyists (regular people who have discovered the great fun of juggling) and some professionals. Ages have ranged from 7 to 70 years young.  Over the years we have had hundreds of jugglers join us, from beginners to national award winners. 

The club is proud of the many public demonstrations and teaching sessions for libraries, scout groups, school groups, museums, seniors groups, all to spread awareness of the great fun juggling. 

‚ÄčThe club is an affiliate of the International Jugglers Association and welcomes anyone interested in learning about juggling.